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Why Air Conditioning Maintenance is Important

While the UK can have a hot summer, air conditioning helps us maintain our normal routines. By lowering temperatures and improving health and productivity.

Air conditioners cool air before they arrive at your home. Warm air is pushed through a cold coil that is filled with refrigerant. This cools the surrounding air.

Energy Efficiency

Air conditioning systems require a large amount of energy. It is important to choose a high-efficiency AC system that has an SEER rating of at least 13 in order to reduce your the cost of energy. Seasonal Efficiency Rating (SEER), also known as the cooling system's efficiency, measures how effectively it converts electrical power into cooling. Also, installing insulation is a smart idea. This will keep warm air out of your home, and cold air in. You will also be able to reduce the energy that your air conditioner uses.

Choose an air conditioner which has advanced features. These will increase the energy efficiency. Included are copper wires which are highly efficient, as well as variable-speed fan. Air conditioners with these features are twice as efficient as older models.

Aeroseal can be used to seal duct leaks and use an adjustable thermostat. This will decrease your energy usage and increase comfort at home. You can find these products and other eco-friendly AC equipment in HVAC shops locally and online.

The air conditioning industry has been working to improve its efficiency for several years. The latest cooling systems are capable of having an EER as high as 23. The newer models are more environmentally friendly than older ones because they don't use fossil fuels to operate. Also, they do not use toxic refrigerants which contribute to the destruction Ozone layer.

Apart from their energy efficiency, AC units of today are quieter. It is because of the advances in compressor technology as well as their design, which allows them operate more efficiently and without the noise created by fan blades crashing together.

To maximize the benefits of your new air conditioning system, be sure to consult with a qualified and knowledgeable HVAC professional. The HVAC professional can determine if your air conditioner has the proper SEER rating, and if it is the right size for your space. You can get other energy-saving tips from them. For example, they may suggest that you don't place your thermostat in direct sunlight.


When air conditioners are maintained correctly, they can last a very long time. It is possible to extend the life of an air conditioner by performing annual tune-ups. This includes replacing filters and keeping it clean. You're buying a used car that hasn't been serviced in a long time. Probably not.

To maximize your ac's lifespan and make it last longer, you should select a widely known brand. Most top brands use the same components for their products. The top brands use Copeland compressors, and fan motors from AO Smith or GE. A reputable HVAC contractor will be able to advise you on the brands that are most appropriate for your home.

Most of the top brands have strict testing and quality control procedures. Panasonic even simulates the shock and vibrations that may occur during shipping to ensure the safety of the product. Also, rain or ocean spray is simulated to test the product’s resistance to water. All circuit boards that have ink printed on them are also resin-potted. Resin potting protects the circuit board from adverse effects if it is exposed to water.

It is important to note that the brand can also affect how reliable your ac unit will be. Goodman air conditioning units are notorious for their unreliability. Consumer Reports rates them among the lowest in reliability. This can be due to many different reasons. The cost is low and installation does not need a contractor to be licensed. They can be installed by anyone, including homeowners and air conditioner unit for house technicians with no AC training or license. If you beloved this post and you would like to obtain far more facts with regards to hvac ventilation kindly check out our internet site. Goodman has received many complaints about this.

Researching your options is worth the money and time if you want to find a good ac unit for your home. You can find a reputable and licensed AC company who will install a cooling system for you that will last many years.


The air conditioner's filters are designed so that they can catch dust, and sometimes other pollutants including pollen or bacteria. They also stop these from moving into the air conditioner. If they aren't cleaned regularly, they could get blocked and the flow of air within the AC will be restricted. This could make the machine perform more efficiently, which can lead to an increase in energy consumption. This could trigger mould growth, new air conditioner cost which you and your family should avoid breathing in.

Homeowners often ignore vents, ducts, and other ductwork. It can be a source of dirt, debris and dust that is dispersed by the cooling system. It can cause allergies and respiratory problems, particularly in the elderly and children. To solve this problem, you can use cleaning brushes to regularly clean the air vents. Use sponges or dampened cloths to clean the lint-traps and filters inside the vents.

It is crucial to clean the outdoor and indoor components of air conditioners regularly to ensure that they function optimally. Cleaning the indoor component of the air conditioner is necessary every week, and cleaning the outdoor unit at least twice a month. The outdoor unit must be turned off by the circuit breaker before cleaning. This will protect you and the unit from any harm.

Remove the removable panels of your outdoor air conditioner to remove the dust and grime. After that, spray the coils with a garden hose to remove any dirt. If the coils look very dirty, purchase a coil-cleaner that is unrinse only at your local home improvement shop. It will remove even the most stubborn dirt.

Make sure you dry the coils after cleaning them. If the coils get wet, they can cause corrosion and mold. This will decrease the lifespan of your unit. The outdoor unit's fan blades and drainage pans should also be cleaned. If you spot any mould growth, use hydrogen-peroxide at 3% strength to scrub it off.


Maintaining the AC system and keeping it in top condition is one of best ways to increase the lifespan of the AC system. A professional can check that the evaporator coils, compressors, fans, motors and condensate pipes are clean and clear of any debris. They can also check the electrical connections. To allow proper cooling, they can remove weeds, plants and organic matter from the area around the outside unit. The compressor will not overheat and cause damage or a shorter lifespan.

Regular AC maintenance can save you thousands of dollars on repairs and operating costs. You can extend the lifespan of your AC and protect your warranty.

To keep your AC unit operating efficiently, you should regularly clean and replace the air filter, preferably monthly. The use of a programmable air conditioner and ceiling fans can help reduce energy usage by lowering temperature during the day or night when you are home or on vacation.

Strange sounds coming from your air conditioner are a sign of something wrong. You should contact a professional immediately to resolve the issue before it gets worse. You should also look out for reduced airflow or a blocked filtration, as well as a low level of refrigerant.

A leaky air conditioner can be an expensive and risky problem to have. Stop the power to your ac and call an expert as soon as you notice a leak. In some cases it may be necessary for the entire unit to be replaced.

Check for ice on your evaporator coils if you're experiencing issues. It is a sign that the coils have become dirty, causing your unit to overheat. You can clean them by yourself if you turn off the power and remove all obstructions surrounding the unit. Due to the dangers of working with electric currents, this job should only be performed by professionals. If you're not a certified professional, it is best to avoid touching coils.

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