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5. Career Development

5.4. Localization Project Management Capsule

Course Title

Localization Project Management Capsule

Target Audience

Project Coordinators and Project Managers (from basic to intermediate level)

Course Duration

  • 15 hours self-paced
  • 2 assignments
  • 1 quiz

Course Certificate

The learner will be awarded a certificate of completion, after successfully completing ALL quizzes assignments with a pass grade.

Course Terminal Objective

This capsule will allow the learner to receive a better understanding on PM fundamentals providing them the chance to practice effective conceptions, as well as PM effective skills all mapped at the end with the translation & localization industry including enriched  discussions that drives them through real cases experiences for better insights.

Course Overview

This course is designed for localization project managers who are new to the field, learning the fundamentals of project management as a science, then the art of PM through communication skills, business writing and leadership, in the last stage they will be exposed to an overview on localization and how to apply learnt knowledge and skills into translation projects.

Course Outline

Through a tutorial followed by a quiz, the learner will be able to:

1)     Define what is Project Management.

2)     Understand the role of the project manager.

3)     Identify the project scope.

4)     Design the project schedule.

5)     Set the project budget.

6)     Understand the importance of quality.

7)     Define project stakeholders.

8)     Create the project risk log.

9)     Identify the project resources and how to manage them.

10) Apply communication and leadership skills more effectively.

11) Get better insights on how translation projects are handled.

Course Fees

$30 for a limited time.

For Enrolment and Payment Methods

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